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Ogilvy Chalmers is the new name for Chalmers & Co. Based in Haddington, we’ve been providing a full range of rural property services since 1966.

We call ourselves ‘The Compleat Property Company’. Here’s why:

– Our multi-discipline work force combines the expertise of estate agents, letting agents, land agents and architects to provide a compleat property offering.

– We blend modern property solutions with good, old-fashioned professionalism to bring our clients compleat satisfaction.... more

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When asked to explain what’s compleat
The answer is short and quite sweet:
“To offer all services
That property encompasses,
And knock customers off of their feet.”

The Compleat Property Comp’ny, in truth,
Has everything under one roof:
Mixed with chartered surveyors,
Land and property purveyors,
There are architect types too, forsooth!

Yet plenty of times we’ve been tel’t
The word compleat is misspelt.
It’s an old-fashioned term
Full of charm and concern
Like complete, but much more heart-felt.

All part of the compleat property service, from Ogilvy Chalmers.

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Featured Properties

35 acres of good arable East Lothian farmland for sale
Offers Over £270,000
The field is the last to be sold from the old Camptoun Farm. It lies at 300ft on the fringe of the flat,... more

15 George Apartments, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 3JN
Offers Over £110,000

New. Iconic. Romantic. Historic. Yours?

Pair of identical, one-bedroom,... more

130-134 High Street, Dunbar, East Lothian, EH42 1JJ
Offers Over £660,000
• Lot One - £440,000
• Lot Two - £220,000
• Lot One - Three flats, two shops,... more

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