Farm Steading Developments

Do you own a redundant farm steading in need of redevelopment? Is it a valuable development opportunity? Would a residential or commercial project be most viable?

Are you considering repairing the buildings to a wind and watertight condition? When is the best time to start the project?

Steading developments can be complex with a multitude of things to consider, particularly in relation to discussions with planners and utility companies. We can also advise on:

  • the best location, size and orientation of each house;

  • contaminated land surveys;

  • archaeological appraisals;

  • historic building surveys;

  • coal reports;

  • possible education and affordable housing contributions‚Ķ.

Ogilvy Chalmers can help you navigate the redevelopment of your historic steading and maximize its value.

Ask us for a Free Design Meeting or a Fixed Price Feasability Study.

Case Studies