Feasibility Studies

Only have a rough idea of what you want?

At the start of a project, many of our clients don’t know exactly what they want to build so you can engage our architects to bring clarity and new ideas to the table. Our architectural team at Ogilvy Chalmers will help you explore all the feasible options to ensure the final design solution is right for your needs and lifestyle.

We offer many of our clients a feasibility study for their project which helps clarify the options. The study will normally include:

  • A measured survey of your property,

  • A set of ‘as existing’ drawings,

  • Design ideas,

  • An initial review of design proposals with the local Planning Department, and

  • Budget costs.

Your feasibility study will answer these questions:

  • What will my project look like?

  • Will I be allowed to build it?

  • What will it cost?

You've nothing to lose: if you decide to go ahead with your architecture project by making a planning application, we’ll reduce your first fee by the cost of the feasibility study.

Case Studies