Chalmers & Co’s Architect Appointed to the Board of Trustees of Venture Scotland - November 12, 2013

Venture Scotland logo. Supported by Chalmers & Co Architects.

Chalmers & Co’s Chartered Architect, David Brackenridge, has been appointed to the Board Of Trustees of Scottish charity, Venture Scotland. David has been volunteering with the charity for over a year as an ‘venture volunteer’ helping them to deliver their outdoor programme of hillwalking, climbing, canoeing and weekend bothy trips.

Venture Scotland is a registered charity offering an outdoor-based personal development programme for young people aged 16-30, who face complex and difficult problems. Through they’re intensive work, they build the confidence and skills of young people and aim to empower each individual we work with to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

The young people embark on a 6 month ‘journey’ where they are supported by staff and volunteers to explore their boundaries, abilities and skills while working in a supportive group situation. The charity is funded by Scottish Government, commercial and individual donations.

Their team of personal development staff work in partnership with over 150 volunteers to lead the programme. Their volunteers motivate, inspire and mentor young people. They encourage young people to volunteer as they progress through our programme, enabling them to make the leap from being supported to making a contribution to others. Whilst volunteering, young people are supported to access education, training and employment.

The charity operate from two bases, one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow and have their own bothy located in the remote highland in Glen Etive.

David Brackenridge commented, “I’m delighted and honoured to be asked to be a trustee of this important charity. The work they undertake is truly life changing for the vulnerable young people who embark voluntarily on ‘the journey’ and they get so much out of it.

“Working as a volunteer for the past year has been quite inspirational and the change in the young people I’ve had the pleasure to work with has been dramatic helping these young people turn their lives around and make a positive contribution to the communities they live in.

“I am committed to helping them to further expand what they can offer and to ensure this important and inspirational work continues.”