Emergency Repairs

Should you incur an emergency within your home whilst the office is closed, please follow the advice below. A repair will be considered an emergency if:

  • A serious threat to health and safety is present, such as a gas leak, dangerous electrical fault or a total loss of essential services
  • There is major damage to the structure of the building
  • A serious security problem occurs, such as a door that cannot be locked

If there is no immediate danger, we expect you to wait until the next working day for someone to be instructed to come to your home.

Where there is a total loss of essential services such as water, electricity or gas, please ensure that you have checked will the relevant agencies to see if this is a wider issue before reporting the problem.

An emergency needs immediate attention where lives or health is at risk, or there is serious risk to the property. Should this situation arise, contact a local contractor to visit and make the property safe. Otherwise, please wait to contact Ogilvy Chalmers at the soonest possible opportunity, where we will arrange repairs for you.

If you find yourself requiring an emergency repair, please get in touch with R3 Repairs using the following details:

By phone – 03000 999 247

By email – [email protected]

In person – 18-20 Market Street, Haddington, EH41 3JL

Disclaimer: If R3 Repairs are called out for a non-emergency repair, you may be charged for their services. An emergency is constituted by any issue that may pose a threat to your life, health, security or vital services (e.g heating, drainage or electricity). If your issue can wait until the next working day, please get in touch with Ogilvy Chalmers directly or via the ‘Report a Fault’ form and we will aim to respond as soon as practicably possible.