Tenants Forms & Information

Forms & Information for Ogilvy Chalmers Tenants

This section of the website is for prospective and current tenants of Ogilvy Chalmers properties.

If you're a prospective tenant, you can save time and speed up your tenancy application by completing the form below and emailing or posting it back to Ogilvy Chalmers. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Tenant Application Form

Tenants Application Form (Word download 115kb)

Tenants Application Form (PDF download 746kb)

Tenant Online Report-a-Fault form

If you’re an existing tenant and have a maintenance fault to report, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Wherever possible, we aim to instruct repairs within 48 hours of receiving details of your maintenance fault (from Monday to Friday).

Tenants Report a Fault Form (online)

Emergency Process

Should you incur an emergency within your home whilst the office is closed, please follow the advice below. In an emergency you are responsible for calling the relevant agency or contractor if Ogilvy Chalmers are not available.

A repair will be considered an emergency if:

  • A serious threat to health and safety is present, such as a gas leak, dangerous electrical fault or a total loss of essential services

  • There is major damage to the structure of the building

  • A serious security problem occurs, such as a door that cannot be locked or there are emergency glazing requirements

If there is no immediate danger, we expect you to wait until the next working day for someone to be instructed to come to your home.

Where there is a total loss of essential services such as water, electricity or gas, please ensure that you have checked with the relevant agencies to see if this is a wider issue before reporting the problem. The main contacts for these services are as follows:

An emergency needs immediate attention where lives or health is at risk, or there is serious risk to the property. Should this situation arise please try to contact Ogilvy Chalmers at the soonest possible opportunity provided the office is open, where we will arrange repairs for you as normal. In the instance that the office is not open, please take any/all reasonable steps to ensure you are safe, and the property is secure. If you require an engineer to attend, please arrange a call out. Our preferred emergency plumber heating engineer is Boyle Gas Services - 07592 648 818 -info@boylegasservices.co.uk 

Please retain all paperwork and receipts associated with an emergency call out, and send the details to Ogilvy Chalmers when you are in a position to do so. If the call out was reasonable and necessary, then reimbursement will be arranged.

Move in/Move out process

Arranging a viewing: To arrange a viewing for any of our properties, please give us a call on 01620 824 000.

Once you have a viewing booked, please arrive promptly at the address for the time agreed and an agent will show you round. Some of our properties will still be tenanted at the time of viewing so please be respectful of their belongings. If you are running late for any reason, let us know.

Application and Reference checks: Once you have viewed the property that you are interested in we will accept an application form – the form can be found here. We carry out references as part of our application process. These include an employer reference, character reference and previous landlord reference.

Lease documentation: Once you have settled on a particular property to rent and references are complete, we will send you a copy of your lease to review and invite you to come in to our office to sign it. Alternatively, we use 'Signable' for digital signatures if you are unable to attend the office.

Inventory and keys: Keys will be handed over on the date of entry. You will be issued with the inventory and asked to confirm its accuracy by signing a copy which will then be attached to your lease.

Rent and Deposit: You will be required to pay the first rent instalment along with a deposit (equivalent to two month’s rent) prior to the start of the lease. The deposit is then registered with MyDeposit Scotland and they will issue you with a Deposit Protection Certificate.

Inspections: We will visit the property around 6 weeks after you move in to ensure everything is OK and most likely, annually thereafter in the spring unless we are requested to visit more frequently by the landlord.

End of Tenancy process

Notification: A tenancy can be ended by either you or your landlord; terms for this are noted in your tenancy agreement. Once a date is agreed, we shall issue you with a note of what is expected from us. You are then responsible to notify the utility providers and local council as well as to intimate to us, to our satisfaction, that this has been done and provide us with a forwarding address.

Inspections: Upon receipt of notice, you will be issued with a detailed checklist of the expected conditions of the property to ensure it is left at a satisfactory standard. We endeavour to check over the property either on the day of departure or otherwise within 48 hours of it. We shall thereafter report to both the Landlord and you, cross referencing the current condition of the property with the inventory.

Keys: Keys form part of the inventory and should be returned to the Ogilvy Chalmers office at the end of the lease.

Deposit Return: After reporting on the condition of the property and recommending treatment of the deposit, we expect to hear from the Landlord within a further 48 hours. If we are unable to receive confirmation from the Landlord after repeated attempts to make contact, we will follow the recommendation of the report since we are required to return the deposit within 30 days of you leaving the property. MyDeposit Scotland will then write to you to confirm the amount being released and your bank details. With your agreement, MyDeposit Scotland will return the deposit within 3-5 working days thereafter. If you do not agree then a dispute will be raised with MyDeposit Scotland requiring evidence from both parties; this process can take 8-12 weeks to be resolved. If you do not respond to the correspondence from MyDeposit Scotland, the deposit will be authorised for release as per the recommendations submitted.