Festive Opening Hours and Tenant Information - December 22, 2020

Festive Opening Hours

We hope you have a jolly Christmas and a very happy New Year. Despite the coronavirus restrictions we hope you have an opportunity to spend some time with loved ones, be it 2 meters apart or 2 miles!

It has been a year full of challenges for most, both professionally and personally. We would like to thank you for your continued support and patience while we adapt to new ways of working. Your business is appreciated, and we look forward to providing the same great service to you in 2021.

If you need us between 24th December and 5th January, please note we may be merrymaking and therefore unavailable. We will be closed on the following dates:

24th December
25th December
28th December
31st December
1st January
4th January

If you are a tenant in trouble, please read on, otherwise we wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to greeting you with renewed enthusiasm in the coming year! Thank you for your continued support.


Tenant Emergency Information

Should you incur an emergency within your home whilst we are not available, please follow the advice below. In an emergency you are responsible for calling the relevant agency or contractor if Ogilvy Chalmers are unavailable.

A repair will be considered an emergency if:

  • A serious threat to health and safety is present, such as a gas leak, dangerous electrical fault or a total loss of essential services
  • There is major damage to the structure of the building
  • A serious security problem occurs, such as a door that cannot be locked or there are emergency glazing requirements

If there is no immediate danger, we expect you to wait until the next working day for someone to be instructed to come to your home.

Where there is a total loss of essential services such as water, electricity or gas, please ensure that you have checked with the relevant agencies to see if this is a wider issue before reporting the problem. The main contacts for these services are as follows:

An emergency needs immediate attention where life/lives or health is at risk, or there is serious risk to the property. Should this situation arise please try to contact Ogilvy Chalmers at the soonest possible opportunity by email or text (07710707522) where we will arrange repairs for you as normal. In the instance that the office is not open, please take any/all reasonable steps to ensure you are safe. If you require an engineer to attend, please arrange a call out. The following contractors are on our books already and are operating for EMERGENCIES ONLY over the festive period:

  • Steve Wood – Plumbing and Heating – Stevie: 01620824477 – limited availability – closed on Christmas
  • Boyle Gas Services – Plumbing and heating – Shaun: 07592648818 or [email protected] – closed Christmas Day
  • BSS Electrical – Electrician – Stevie: 07788 630646 or [email protected]– limited availability – closed on Christmas

Please retain all paperwork and receipts associated with an emergency call out, and send the details to Ogilvy Chalmers when you are in a position to do so. If the call out was reasonable and necessary, then reimbursement will be arranged.

Please note that many contractors will be unavailable over the festive period. As such, we will do our very best to action repairs as soon as possible, however we appreciate your consideration that repairs over this time may not be carried out as quickly as normal.

Please see our Coronavirus update for information relating to Covid-19 and the way we have altered our business to accomodate new rules and guidelines: Contact details during Coronavirus Pandemic