Ogilvy Chalmers Launch Party

Launching Ogilvy Chalmers - May 10, 2016

Spring has sprung and it’s time for a fresh beginning for a 50 year-old property company serving the Lothians and Borders. Chalmers & Co has relaunched as Ogilvy Chalmers – ‘The Compleat Property Company’ (see poems).

There are some fresh faces here and these contribute to a sense of purpose to offer a ‘compleat’ property service through Surveying, Estate Agency and Architecture.

We hope that you like our new website. In the brief to the web designers was an unwritten assumption that if we did not smile, the job was not done.

Since being introduced to Ermintrude – we’ve been friends ever since. She’s been road-tested on country lanes such that we’re content to open the gate, mindful that she’ll be back for milking.

We are marking the firm’s 50th anniversary at the Haddington Show where we are again joint main sponsors. Do join us on Saturday 2nd July if you can.

Onwards and upwards!

Francis Ogilvy