Estate Management

Our objective in Estate Management is to bring together complimentary enterprises so that the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts.  This is a craft practiced enthusiastically at home on the Winton Estate and as shown in some of our Estate Management case studies.

‘Shaping the countryside’ is a driving vision for what we seek to do, often with sleeves rolled up. Our style tends towards progressive approaches and requires a broad skillset to be savvy to current market trends, blending:

  • farming and forestry knowledge,
  • an understanding of residential property as well as minerals, and
  • an appreciation of tourism, renewable energy and heritage.

Modern-day land agency is also about communication and engaging with communities. Examples of this are shown in the case studies.

Farming needs partnerships to succeed on an uneven playing field. At Ogilvy Chalmers we have experience of farming in-hand, share farming, contract farming and numerous tenancies. We are well-placed to advise to suit circumstances and to undertake rent reviews, acting for either landlord or tenant.

Improving residential property is usually a quick win on estates since there is large demand for country cottages of quality. As you can see from our case studies, we specialise in this area, benefitting from in-house architects to help with improvements and tricky repairs.

“Anyone who choses land agency as a profession has to know everything about everything, from drains to fine art, from roads to Rembrandts. He must be able to talk in their own terms to lawyers and loonies, gamekeepers and golfers, ploughmen and planners, prime ministers and policemen. Land agents can do just that and a thousand other things besides; they are the people who cheerfully face the problems that will affect the future spirit and appearance of the country and the villages to which we are all devoted.”
(Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire)

Case Studies