Our Teams & Values

Our comprehensive, professional property services are delivered by our three core teams: Estate AgencySurveying and Architecture.

We aim to help ‘shape the countryside’ in East Lothian, Midlothian and the Borders:

  • As Letting Agents and Estate Agents, Ogilvy Chalmers aims to offer quality housing that matches the needs and aspirations of homeowners and delivers regular incomes with long-term growth in property values. We can take on and redevelop unlettable properties so that they realise their full investment potential.
  • As Land Agents, a rural profession, we’re focused on the stewardship and development of vibrant countryside: the facilitation, provision and management of Housing, Farming, Forestry, Renewable Energy and Tourism. We are conservationists to our core as well as progressive developers.
  • As Architects, we aim to do more than just design buildings. We like to have an understanding of how people’s surroundings make them feel to create environments that meets their needs and desires.

Our five core values can be summarised as:

  • Be welcoming. Our people work in a happy environment as a team committed to our clients.
  • Be innovative. We are forward thinking, professional problem solvers with a mix of personality and tradition.
  • Be commercial. We work in partnership with our clients. We go the extra mile in seeking to understand our clients needs.
  • Be professional. We are a local firm with national expertise. Well connected and knowledgeable.
  • Be trusted. We keep our promises. We are committed to the future of both our communities and our countryside.

You can see the bios of our team members here.